Since the move of this blog to http://pikamulkaus.com has been successful and most people have found their way there, I have made a decision to not update this blog anymore. I haven’t put any quick glances in here for a good while now but still some people like to visit here instead of the main site. Therefor I’ve also decided to remove the old articles since they are also in the new site.


This is not meant to annoy anyone, it’s just that I haven’t got enough time to check out 2 sites and see if they have new comments. So this is just a good thing for you readers since I have now more time for the actual articles and also for the quick glances. There has been a short pause on articles again but that’s because I’ve been making those tests. At least 2 new articles about quick glances are on the way and several tests to be done.


See you at Pikamulkaus.com!